Tuesday 30 january, 19.30 hrs. (walk-in 19:00)

Ever since the dawn of humanity, we have been deeply fascinated by the phenomenon of light. There is always light, and when we cannot naturally access it we seek it by hanging lamps or lighting candles. Light not only warms us, bathes our surroundings, and brightens our mood but it has also been the inspiration of artists throughout the centuries. From Monet’s attempts at reproducing the ever-changing play of light to some of the artists of our Young Masters’ exhibition, light is artistic material. Our fascination with light extends beyond art; it’s deeply rooted in science, culture, and our daily lives. We depend on light for more than just visual perception. It affects our biological rhythms, influences our emotions, and plays a vital role in our well-being and the way that we experience public space.

In this first theme night, anthropologist and urban planner Shira de Bourbon Parme will offer her insights into a holistic and life-centered approach to urban design. While light is a vital component of our human experience, our surroundings include animals and plants. De Bourbon Parme will provide a nuanced perspective to better understand the delicate intricacies of these relationships with light. 

Partner: Shira de Bourbon Parme

All Theme Nights are held in English.