Tueday 06 february, 19.30 hrs (walk-in 19:00)

Festivals and projects such as the LUNA Festival have the power to set in motion people, both in the physical sense and in the social sense. A lot is at stake in the role that these festivals have. This is enhanced by the wide reach that they exert on those sections of society that would otherwise remain situated outside of social discussions. When considering how we can harness the positive effects of light in society, it’s essential to recognize the transformative potential of art and illumination. Light has the unique ability to evoke emotions, create a sense of wonder, and provoke thought. Through light and media art, we can illuminate not only physical spaces but also minds and perspectives. How can we balance the role of media art festivals such as ours, as to still move people to think about social issues without overstepping the boundaries of scientific/political institutions?

In this second theme night, Culture and Cognition professor Barend van Heusden from the University of Groningen will share his expertise in navigating the intricacies of the social impact and potential of art festivals. Young Master artist Slava Romanov will expand the discussion by offering his experience in crafting art that provokes thought and encourages social dialogue.

Partner: University of Groningen

All Theme Nights are held in English.