Keunstwurk WorkshopS + Network MEETING

Friday 09 february, 15:OO HRS

On Friday 9 February, Steunpunt Beeldende Kunst of Keunstwurk is organising two instructive workshops for artists from 15.00 onwards. Both workshops are about visibility. The first deals with internationalisation: how do you bring your work across the border? What opportunities do you have in that area? The second workshop is set up around social media. Together with an expert, you get to work with Instagram. What can you do with it, how can you use the channel properly, how do you create reach or sales?

Afterwards, there will be an informal network meeting in LUNA’s Artist CafĂ© at 17.00. There, everyone from the professional Frisian art scene is welcome, from artists and museum directors to curators. A great opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas for the future.

Want to read more about the meeting or sign up for the workshops and/or networking drinks? Check here.