Today, there are many influences contributing to the constant shifting of our views. This creates a dynamic landscape of changing perspectives. NHL Stenden students, using projection, video, and a cluster of supporting lights, take you into an immersive, atmospheric and sensory world of Rain of Change. 

We follow two characters, each making their own journey through the forest. As the grey morning light gives way to a confusing world, they experience the contrasts between their visions. As rainy clouds fill the sky, the girl discovers the beauty of deserted places. The boy, on the other hand, finds solace in his sketchbook. Both end up in a situation where reality and imagination meet, but their paths do not lead to an identical destination. 

by: Marith Buma, Melvin Dotinga, Daniël Hellendoorn, Iris Stroeve, Lennart Wenzig and Martijn Pekel