Try Burning It, The Fire Manifesto

Ayşe Emre (NL)

Young Dutch artist Ayşe Emre considers fire to be nature’s greatest masterpiece. Fire can illuminate, destroy, hypnotise, warm, warn and plays a major role in all cultures. In this work, which came about through experimental research into analogue projection techniques, she uses Fresnel lenses – which are also used in lighthouses – to display images of dancing flames that engulf the surroundings and immerse the audience in a mesmerising glow. The work is meant to be stared into, letting go of all sense of time and celebrating the deep connection between art and nature.

Autonomous visual artist Ayşe Emre (1997, NL) graduated from the Photography, Film and the Digital course at St Joost School of Art and Design. She seeks to capture her wonder at the vastness of the sky, the dancing flames of a campfire and the untamed energy of the sea in multi-sensory installations.