Bodies inside each other

Jazmin Rojas Forero (CO)

In the high mountains of Colombia grows the frailejón, a plant that captures moisture from the fog through its leaves and then releases the water through its roots. Bodies Inside Each Other is an installation that explores the relationship between the frailejón and its environment. An ice-filled glass bowl inspired by the inside of the plant transforms the ice through condensation into drops of water, which are collected in a ceramic bowl shaped like the plant’s stem. Jazmin Rojas Forero sees her sculpture as a body in which the atmosphere can manifest itself.

In her installations and films, artist, and filmmaker Jazmin Rojas Forero (1995, CO) interweaves fiction, science, non-human perspectives, and her personal desire to create sensual and compelling poetic gestures. She embraces non-Western knowledge to cast and restore the relationship between humans and non-humans in a new light.

Jazmin Rojas Forero – Interference Tunis 2023 (photo: Syrine Bettaleb)