October 14 – 22, 2022

With a.o. Lost & Found by (c) Lin de Mol

Luna Waterstad 2022

From 14 to 22 October, the city center of Sneek will turn off its lights. To make the moon glow and draw attention to carefully placed light and media artworks around the city’s waterways. For two weekends and the week in between, the city is illuminated in an artistic and surprising way. Interesting video art and light objects can be seen in and along the canals that enclose the center. The public takes a magical walk through the beautiful city and chooses their own route along the works. These are placed so far apart that the city itself, its architecture and waters also receive a lot of attention. Many monuments and special places are already illuminated in the evening. A number of special places will be extra staged during LUNA Waterstad with light design. The area that is played with LUNA Waterstad is also so large that it pays to go for a walk several evenings and to settle down in one of the many cozy cafes that the city has to offer. Some offer a special cultural programming. All elements together form a nocturnal artistic experience for a wide audience, from young to old.

Water connects

Sneek is historically a city of trade. There has been a lively exchange since the beginning of its history. The market has been around since the city’s existence. The first Japanese company that ever wanted to establish itself in the Netherlands chose Sneek and there are still many other international companies that, together with traditional Sneker companies, provide an attractive living climate in a beautiful city.

The very first edition of LUNA Waterstad invites artists who, with their work, respond to the fact that trade plays an important role in Sneek. Trade contributes to prosperity, stability and also ensures diversity, which contributes to a strong and versatile cultural life.

Check here which works of art can be seen during LUNA Waterstad! You can enjoy the city center of Sneek from 14 to 22 October, from sunset to 11 p.m. LUNA Waterstad is completely free to enter.

Looking for a map?

Or go to the online app and navigate from artwork to artwork during your walk through town!