Oud Kerkhof

“MAPP” (Mapping At Private Properties) is an interactive, mobile video installation that allows visitors to become part of a light artwork during LUNA. The work scans its surroundings and immediately projects them back onto the same environment. The result is a dynamic mapping, in which layers of reality superimpose each other in a colorful spectacle. Visitors too can “step into the light” and become part of the artwork: try posing in front of the light, or experiment with moving around. Once the scan has been made, walk out of the light and see yourself in the picture.

AlexP consists of Simone van Dam and Alex Prooper. Alex is a media artist, making art through his own developed software. Simone studied at the Academy of Visual Arts and has been working together with Alex for the last fifteen years. Together they exhibit in galleries, museums, art events and light festivals, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Picture (c) Tom Meixner