LUNA Collective (NL)


Building of Snakeware

A radiant rainbow builds up every few minutes on the building of Snakeware. From below, the colors appear one after the other, pleasantly swaying and thus reminiscent of the sea on a calm day.

LUNA Collective is the name under which various team members and friends of Media Art Friesland freely experiment with light, shapes and themes. This creates a small collection of projects that we present solicited and unsolicited. This may or may not take place as part of our own events or those of third parties, and also separately from projects such as the Maanhangwagen that drove through Leeuwarden during the lockdown at the beginning of 2022 and shone its light on the neighborhoods at the invitation of residents. LUNA Collective has previously presented works at SEE Djerba and the media art project In de Vezels in Drenthe, among others.