Norimichi Hirakawa (JPN)


Garden Frisian Maritime Museum

On a large screen you’ll find an intriguing videowork of the Japanese artist Norimichi Hirakawa. It reminds of the bond between Sneek and Japan. Visitors are sucked into this graphic world and become part of it.

Hirakawa was born in 1982. His interest is in the most primitive technology: calculation. His work focuses on installations that make use of either the mathematical processing itself, as performed by computer programming, or the results of that processing. In 2016 he started making the series ‘Data’ during a residency at the Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (Kavli IPMU). This work was on display at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art and at a pre-event of the Sapporo International Art Festival. In 2017, he created one of the works in that series through a residency at the ALMA telescope, located at Chile’s highest point at about 5000 meters. It has been awarded the Excellence Award in Art Division of the 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival. He has also participated in the creation of the work of other Japanese artists, such as Ryoji Ikeda and Seiko Mikami, and is the Artistic Director for ARTSAT: Art and Satellite Project.