Philipp Artus (D)


Parking lot Oud Kerkhof

“Aquatics” is an endearing aquatic world in which generated sea creatures move around and interact with each other. The artwork explores the origin of life through abstract forms and movement.

Visitors are invited to design their own creatures using a tablet. They can choose the type of creature, and determine his, her or their size, shape, color and behavior. When the design is complete, the new sea creature is added to the underwater world and interacts with other figures. The public can follow the life of its own creatures and view the generative ecosystem.

Philipp Artus is a multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker based in Berlin. His experimental animations, light installations and drawings explore the manifestations of life through movement, sound and image. He composes audiovisual experiences that unite playful elements with minimalist structures, timeless themes with contemporary observations, turbulent acceleration with contemplative silence.

Na zijn afstuderen aan de École des Beaux Arts in Nantes/Frankrijk studeerde Artus gedurende 2 jaar autodidactisch animatie, natuurkunde en muziektheorie. After graduating from the École des Beaux Arts in Nantes/France, Artus studied animation, physics and music theory for 2 years. He then completed his postgraduate studies at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne/Germany.