The Artpole (BE/D)

Faces of Sneek


The German-Belgian duo The Artpole (Linda Wendel and Bart Dewijs) goes in search of historical and current multicultural Sneek. The artists have portrayed people of Sneek and project the portraits majestically on trees in the Wilhelminapark. Trees as a symbol for steadfastness and staying, the opposite of traveling and moving.

The Artpole creates unique and esthetical artistic experiences. Whether with events, special projects, creative consultancy or seminars and workshops. Their specialty lies in custom-made creations with a deep connection to social or environmental themes. The team consists of Linda Wendel, a visual artist from Germany and Bart Dewijze, a culture agogue from Belgium. Bart went to the HIGRO-VISO Institute in Gent and got a graduate in Physical Education from Parnas in Brussels. They want to connect people with art and the opportunities and experiences it creates. Visitors of a festival, cultural heritage site, a corporate event or some street kids in a community project. They tend to sparkle amazement, curiosity and contemplation to all and leave behind an aesthetic footprint.