Anaïs Borie (FR)

Modern Zeus

Awakening to the irrational aspects of electricity.

This graduation project by Anaïs Borie is an unpredictable interaction between two energies in which light reacts to sound and sound reacts to light. Like lightning that can fall anywhere in the room. The sound is generated by electro-magnetic captors that register the variations in the intensity of light. Every sound is sent to a mixer and modulates it with a number of sound effects. By transforming the invisible part of electricity into sounds that can be heard, she creates a separate object that reacts to its own impulses and one that you can play by generating sounds with the electro-magnetic mixer.

With Modern Zeus Anaïs exposes the connection with technology in our modern society. The piece examines our irrational identity and how technology is intertwined with it.

Anaïs Borie received her Masters Degree in Contextual Design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven last year.