Ingo Wendt (DE)

Soap bubble projector

Garden Schoolstraat

The German Ingo Wendt is the Gyro Gearloose of light art. He has built a machine that produces soap bubbles and magnifies them a hundred times. The artist can transform a wall into a moving, abstract work of art that you can’t stop looking at by using an old fashioned overhead projector. His projection creates the impression of a moving painting that shows us the tangibility of soap bubbles in a special way.

Effects that occur because of physical optics, but also coincidence and time play an important part in his work. He shows colors, movement and the angular structure of a soap bubble in a poetic way. Interactions are formed between recurring stylistic elements.

Boundaries between art and mundane activities fade by magnifying a simple, but beautiful principle: air enclosed by a skin that is made up of water and soap.