Jonas Vorwerk (NL)



Jonas Vorwerk uses repetition, interaction, coincidence and change. He likes to experiment with new dimensions that the digital world can add to the physical space. Technology, light, sound and space are important elements. Loops is an installation of life-sized machines that allow the audience to play with rhythm and sound. By turning the wheel, you can determine the speed of the musical compositions and whether they are played forwards or backwards. At the same time, the light adapts to the sound which creates a set of an unusual audio visual spectacle.

The multi media artist creates surroundings in which both digital and analogue interaction between audience and objects occurs. Loops is an tribute to the analogue magnetic tape recorder that was the foundation of making modern music. The round machines can be operated by anyone because they are digital, but the way they are used is very much analogue: you have to turn them manually to be able to make music. Without your help it will be very silent at the Waagplein, so please feel free to play with Jonas Vorwerk’s machines in his open air studio.