Kurt Laurenz Theinert (DE)

Visual Piano



Visual Piano is pure visual music, live, abstract and space-filling with panorama projections that will show you the Blokhuispoort in a new way by using light. The German artist Kurt Laurenz Theinert and his Visual Piano create a combination of sound and light, that serves another purpose than just listening. The facades of the courtyard of the old prison are covered in new abstract patterns, dancing lines and the most beautiful colors. He uses the MIDI-signals of his keyboard, not to make sounds with them but to compose graphics live. New shapes and movements appear by hitting the keys, and they add an entirely new visual dimension to the space. Let yourself be surprised by the virtuoso interaction between light and sound at this special location.

The artist will play a 20 minute concert every hour with a variety of musicians, from jazz and funk to techno.