Robert Sochacki (PL)

Leeuwardens atelier



Sochacki will turn the Gouverneursplein into a fairy landscape with imaginative and colorful stories and special sounds that he picks up from the area and he mixes them with his unending collection of images that will stick in your mind.

For his works, Robert Sochacki combines drawings, paintings, photography, video and animation. He designs large format murals that make the surroundings and its architecture part of a multi media collage. His works tell a multi layered story and show a part of the world and culture the way the artist perceives them. For the work that he is creating in Leeuwarden, he was inspired by by elements from traditional Dutch painting. Plan to be surprised!

Especially for the work of Sochacki, Thomas Aussenac, sound designer from Barcelona, provided the music for the work of the artist. He recorded all sorts of sounds in Leeuwarden and made a composition of it.