Antonia Oana

Communist Retrospective

Antonia Oana is an illustration and animation graduate, but she doesn’t identify just as an illustrator or animator. With almost every work she makes she tends to combine different mediums which made her prefer the term of visual artist and designer, than illustrator.

Through out the past three years, her style developed in a direction inspired by the Memphis group, with colorful designs and playful patterns which lead her to think about the 1980s, a decade she feels very close to, even though she was born in 1996.

While Western Europe was adopting movements like Memphis, Art Deco, Neon Noir, 1980s Romania, her home country, was still under the communist rule. This way she was inspired to create a game room, that has the appearance of an arcade game room, a symbol of the 1980s. The room combines the playfulness of her way of working with real stories from the communist Romania.