Tom Bekkers


The batlle between humans and nature is over, and we’ve won. As we slowly realize the death of nature, we are at the start of a grieving process; looking for new ways to relate ourselves to what we used to call nature.

Tom Bekkers challenges people to look at their world from a different perspective. Things look wildly different when viewed from a different angle, which is one of the key aspects of Posthumanism; a philosophy that states we humans tend to think too much from a human standpoint, without empathy for things and other beings around us. The abstraction of this subject contrasts with the appearance of Tom’s work. Through the use of materiality, movement, and scale he challenges people to view their surroundings, both physically and mentally, from a different perspective.

Tom Bekkers recently graduated from Graphic Design at HKU in Utrecht. In Search of the Miraculous II is a video installation consisting of 5 filmed performances in the Wadden Area, North Holland.