In haar werk onderzoekt Jildau het proces van waarnemen. ‘We are all looking, but what are we actually seeing? What catches our attention, and how do we experience our viewing experiences?’ Her project ‘FRAMEWORK’ is based on an open, collaborative process of artistic research. From 20 to 25 October, the artist worked on location in the language pavilion OBE in Leeuwarden. Jildau posted 300 notes in mailboxes throughout the city asking the resident of the house to send a photo of his or her front door or window. With the dozens of responses she created an archive of personal frameworks with a view to the outside. Frameworks that were passed as a threshold world with an ever-changing load in this corona year. In search of the meaning of these images, Jildau organizes and reinterprets these moments using different media.

Jildau Nijboer (1994) Jildau Nijboer (1994) graduated from Academie Minerva and is now pursuing a master’s degree in Painting at the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen.

Picture (c) Tom Meixner