Elsewhere and Now emerged from the walks, explorations and contemplations of the rural environment in which Nico Dardano currently lives. In these moments his fascination with material, form and space comes to the fore, and his interest in the impact of light on this. Is it possible to bond with these environments, to reinterpret them without changing the essence? How can we make that connection without imposing on ourselves, or as little as possible?

Nicolás Dardano is an audiovisual artist and graphic design teacher from Buenos Aires. After a rich career as an audiovisual designer, Dardano moved more towards media art, with a special focus on projects that explore the interaction between time, space, video, light and sound. His work includes installations, live sets, light art and digital landscapes, and Dardano is driven by the exploration and contemplation of nature. His practice is the result of his curiosity and continuous research into the limits of material and virtual realities, nature and artificiality, light and darkness. By exploring a poetic-visual language, Dardano tries through his work to open a time frame in which our sensory perception leads us to think about and raise questions about these terms.

Picture (c) Tom Meixner