The artistic duo Arvustin Caramdersson explores new possibilities in visual storytelling by making use of new digital technologies. Especially for LUNA they collected data from online sources related to Leeuwarden and the Blokhuispoort, the location where they will present their work. They processed the collected data in an algorithm to create a narrative, generated by artificial intelligence. Then they translated the results from the algorithm again to a visual story. You can see the results during LUNA on the walls of the Blokhuispoort: a visual creation designed by the mysterious codes of a computer.

Arvustin Caramdersson is an artistic research duo consisting of Hannes Arvid Andersson & Agustín Martinez Caram. Together they are exploring the implications of the new digital landscape and its societal and humanistic ramifications through audio-visual media. They reconfigure, glitch, reassemble, layer and fragment pixels in algorithmic and creative processes in order to investigate how meaning is created and further disseminated. |