Turning colours


Turning colours is built up out of three hand projectors. They are made of unusual parts like water tubes and you find elements of a slide projector and 70mm to 70mm slides. The projectors are round so its possible to arrange them turning by a system of gear motors with 12volts. The light comes from three built-in torches. The arrangement shows a round picture of the diameter of 7m where all three pictures meet. The principal of colour mixing is called additive. That means the coloured light meets on the wall and for example red and green gets yellow there.

The work shows the possibilities that are offered by the huge toolbox of natural phenomenons which can be used in artwork to create impressive picture generators. It shows a statement against the overwhelming mass of digital works.

The works of Ingo Wendt are based on kinetics and light. In his work, he likes to show the value of analogue image generators. From everyday materials he creates powerful visual experiences that he likes to discuss with the audience.