László Bordos tells stories by provocative and often strictly composed light sculptures and soundscapes, that touch de viewer deeply. Light is something intangible and fluent, the spaces and buildings on which it is projected however are solid and robust. The artist wants to bring these contradictions to life. He creates illusions of lights and shapes that support the building, where light steals the characteristics of the building and vice versa.

In Leeuwarden, Bordos takes on the former mail-sorting centre of KPN right next to the train tracks near the train station. This venue is also the location of the MAF Young Masters exhibition. In general, the venue is thought of as an unattractive ‘concrete block’ – the current weathered and neglected exterior enhances the rejected impression. The inside however is tastefully designed and has a near friendly interior even, offering space to artists and experiment. With his light and sound sculptures, Bordos lets you experience this contradiction on the building’s exterior.

Bordos (HU) studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest and at MediaLab University of Art and Design (UIAH) in Helsinki.
Visuals & lighting design: László Zsolt Bordos Sound: Ondrej Skala / JTNB
Light control: Gabor Balint