Sometimes the mood of a place is made of things we do not see, or perceive them scant. Quiet and existing mainly in a background, they can arrange or change the atmosphere of a place. Once happened, how do we feel that, or do we recognize moments of change, how many variations of surroundings we perceive?

Wind is one of this occurrences, that invite to observe. Music of wind, you can discover by own eyes, could be a poetic one, soft or even wild one.

By interaction of natural force with bearing material, laser light of Driftwill take the observer into this play and give him a moment of existing ‘in-between’.

Liubov is originally from St-Petersburg (RU) and moved in 1999 to Germany. After university studies in Design at University of Arts in Braunschweig se did master courses in Lighting Design at University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim. Currently Liubov works as a light designer and light artist.