Green Marvelous Opulence


No doubt, the progress of science has solved major problems and brought to humanity a real well-being. However, the desire for a continuous production flow, the dream of a permanent opulence, do they not let appear the danger of transforming organisms into standardized serial products? The installation simply raises this question with humor.

Maro Avrabou and Dimitri Xenakis collaborate on works that question living spaces, points of view, forms and light. They shine a light on everyday themes and objects, sometimes even by rebuilding objects from unusual materials. Playing with the fact that everything is, in the end, malleable and manipulable, by plasticising nature and manipulating perception, they catch your attention for matters such as overproduction, waste and recycling.

For Leeuwarden, they have made a modification of their work GMO: a fluorescent stall installed at the Waagplein; the place where ‘real’ market stalls stand during the day.