Britt van den Boogaard

Trance Machine

Britt van den Boogaard invites visitors for a personal experience aimed at inducing a state of trance. Her machine works by translating frequencies into different types of stimuli: visible, audible and tactile. With input and improvisation from the performer, these overlap and create a synesthetic whole. The result is at once calming and disconcerting, and the viewer is suspended between a state of hyper-attention to reality, and a state of dreaming. Human and machine agency are joined in a curious but fascinating ritual: an exploration of perception and thought, which confronts and dissolves the mind-body division.


The work can be experienced in two different ways. The first is a composition, which will play continuously most days. Or, during certain time slots, come experience a personalized version of the work performed by the artist.

Britt graduated in Film and Photography in 2020 from the art academy AKV St. Joost in Breda. Her work explores the boundaries of film as a medium. Her objects and installations, like the Trance Machine, are created by hand, incorporating tangibility, craftsmanship and imperfection into her work.