Dawid Liftinger


“RGBW” is an immersive, 360° light installation that plays with color image generation, and challenges the conventional definition of film. By stripping film to its core elements—light and darkness, movement and color—it highlights the interplay between the human eye and technical machines. A standard home projector is placed in the middle of a room, pointing towards a rotating mirror. At certain speeds, the light is fractured, and a seamless loop of red, green, blue and white bathes the walls. In a single gesture, projection is deconstructed: both as a concept and a light phenomenon.

Dawid is a light and sound artist with the Neue Musik Ensemble ElectronicID, co-founder of the sound art project radio433, and active in the off-space Gemeinde Köln. Camilo develops interactive installations and audiovisual performances under the pseudonym Janus. He is part of Formalhaut, a noise and meta-communication group.