Theme Night 1: Everything Is Changing

Maandag 13 FEBRUARI 19.30 uur

The network versus the platform
In the haze of this bombastically abundant information era, it is inevitable to realize that the internet is the shifting motor that orchestrates all aspects of our lives. The internet became way more than a mere tool of information diffusion and communication. It metamorphosed into a dimension that folds reality and is constantly changing our ideologies. Especially after the pandemic, our dependency on it became inescapable. As we are more overwhelmed by the possibilities of existing virtually, some would reminisce over the old selves and the sub-clusters that platforms like Tumblr or Blogs created, they feel warm, cosy, simple and less stressful.

In this theme night, we try to reflect on the dynamics of radical changes that occurred in the network cultures. We delve into this topic with Geert Lovink (NL), net-critic and founder of the Institute of Network Cultures (INC). We discuss Platform blues, web nostalgia and possible futures for our Internet-dependent existence through a talk with Geert and an interactive instant meme production workshop.

Partner: Institute of Network Culture

All theme nights are held in English.