In the Style of

Slava Romanov (RU)

With his interactive AI-generated art installation, Slava Romanov uses graphic images to explore the complexity of political protest in times of war and state censorship. Using body tracking and projection mapping on canvas, he expresses the concerns of artists from authoritarian-run states on themes of police brutality, propaganda, surveillance, and warfare. The authorship is deliberately ambiguous, balancing between the stylisation of other artists’ works and AI output. The model uses images from the work of Felix Nussbaum, a Jewish-German artist who painted under political oppression in the early 20th century.

Data artist and media designer Slava Romanov (1989, RU) graduated from the Ural State Law University in Yekaterinenburg (with a specialisation in human rights), before studying in Bremen on the Master’s programme Digital Media at the Hochschule für Künste. He specialises in generative graphics, interactive installations, performances, and auditory displays.