Joris Bosma


Joris Bosma evokes the sensation of travel by using light. Sight can immerse humans in visual fields, shaping everyday experience. But light also shines in our memories, activating feelings, stories, and sensations. DERAILED creates a visual experience reminiscent of Dutch train windows, softly and rhythmically rushing by. The familiar form incites us to remember… a train carrying us to a loved one; the first visit to a new city; a farewell wish. And as we realize that travel and mobility are a luxury that can be lost, our memories take a ghostly turn. Though the journey “forward” is muddled, is there calm to be found in its meditative light?

Joris’ interest in light arose during his studies in Product Design at the Minerva Academy in Groningen. He is fascinated by light’s part in everyday life, and by the idea that it connects people.