Lan Hsin Tu

Could they be worn or not

Lan Hsin Tu’s intricate textile pieces appear delicate and fragile, yet tempt our curious hands. Is fashion always made to be worn and touched? Why must paintings and sculptures sit quietly in place, rather than move and walk around? And can the body, on the other hand, experience time and space as a still object? 

To explore these questions, Lan Hsin presents a collection of wearable objects—some digitally enhanced—and investigates them through a series of performative videos. Combining art, fashion, and technology, “Could they be worn or not” breaks through disciplinary lines, and into the beautiful unknown between bodies.

Lan Hsin studies a Master’s degree in MADtech (Media, Art, Design and Technology) at the Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen. She previously graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Textile and Clothing Design from the Textile Design Department