AlexP (NL)

LUNA is the first European media festival to present ‘Sym’, an interactive lightpaint installation. Unlike ordinary lightpainting, ‘Sym’ shows the results of what you paint with light instantly. Painting is done with a torch or your smartphone, with the result immediately visible on a wall, building or screen. While painting, symmetrical shapes are generated and also directly projected in different bright colours. The installation has different settings, so the appearance of the light drawing keeps changing and regularly takes on a different character. ‘Sym’ can be projected relatively small (human scale), but certainly also on a much larger screen or on a large wall.

AlexP consists of Alex Prooper and Simone van Dam. They make free work that they exhibit in galleries and museums, at art events and at light festivals at home and abroad. AlexP is a duo that makes (digital) media art, mostly interactive. Their human-scale video mappings are particularly popular and appeal to both young and mature audiences. AlexP’s work combines ingenious, self-developed software, attractive visuals and a touch of humour.