Christine Hvidt (DK)

Edaphon offers attention to the overlapping habitats of different species and the inclusion of a wider variety of life forms. The installation makes us aware of this diversity through sound and encourages us to use other ways of listening. The sound installation Edaphon explores life unfolding in the seemingly silent soil. Earth is an important living system, edaphon asks us to listen to that system. The installation asks us to listen to what lives in the soil – the vast and diverse underground network of plants, nematodes, bacteria, fungi, earthworms, arthropods and mammals.In this extraordinary sound installation, ceramic coil sculptures emit subtle sounds, creating a sonic representation of the vibrant activity beneath the surface. Edaphon acts as an instrument for listening and paying attention to the subterranean world beneath our feet.

Christine Hvidt is a multidisciplinary artist from Denmark, based in The Hague, where she completed the ArtScience course at KABK earlier this year and obtained her Master of Music. In her work, she creates situations that enable overlapping life worlds for humans and other ‘planetary beings’ – situations that nurture sensitivities between those specific relationships, located in different time scales, space and perception ranges. With a fascination for systemic thinking and ecology, her practice unfolds through computational organisms, sonic attention and embodying natural phenomena.