Mirjam Kema (NL)

The interactive installation is about how people become more aware of their state of mind. What emotions am I feeling? Anger, joy or sadness? Our heart lets us know. Using a heart rate sensor, the system records the heart rate variation. The sensors measure different values for different emotions. The data is then converted to music and becomes visible on the water through the vibrations of the sound. The vibrations also become visible through light reflected on the surface. The installation measures two heartbeats, we get to see what happens when two heartbeats come together.

Mirjam Kema graduated from the Product Design programme at Minerva in Groningen in 2021, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts. As a designer, she is heavily involved in interactive/visual art; her work is somewhere between art and design. Free thinking and creation and systematic making and programming appeal to her. In her work, Mirjam always tries to follow a common thread, usually it has to do with the hidden connection. The connection between humans, earth and the universe. The work she makes has a biographical character – a search for connection, power and frequency. Beyond language and words is the resonance of our heartbeat as the mirror of the soul.