In the Style of

Slava Romanov (RU)

“In the Style of” is an interactive AI-generated art installation that uses graphic images to explore the complexities of political protest in times of war and state censorship. Reflecting the concerns of artists associated with authoritarian states, the artwork explores themes of police brutality, propaganda, surveillance and warfare. Using body tracking, canvas and projection mapping, it uncovers views of current affairs. The authorship is deliberately ambiguous, balancing between the chosen technique, cues, stylisation of other artists’ works and AI output. The model uses images from the work of Felix Nussbaum a Jewish-German art painter who painted in the early 20th century under political oppression.

Bremen-based data artist and media designer, Slava Romanov, specialises in generative graphics, interactive installations, performances and aural displays. Before studying on the Masters programme in Digital Media at the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen, he completed his Diploma in Jurisprudence at Urals State Law University, where he specialised in human rights. Drawing on a decade of human rights work in Russia, Romanov’s work navigates the intricate interplay of dichotomies such as human and non-human, and the convergence or collapse of such dualities. His art is a flexible engine of change, addressing political issues and challenging the blurring of authorship.