Everything in the right place

Sangiorgio ‘DallajeE’ Blonk (NL)

‘Everything in the right place’ is a unique time and space capsule composed of various objects that Sangiorgio has found, received or reused over the past five years. Each object carries its own memory and story. This becomes visible as they have travelled from place to place and now come together in a new form in which they are matched by shape, colour or material. Inside the capsule, as many as 11860 videos are shown on seven screens, in random order. These videos form the visual diary of the last five years of Sangiorgio Dallajee Blonk’s life. Each video shows a moment of interest or inspiration from his life, including the objects included in this intriguing installation.

Sangiorgio ‘Dallajee’ Blonk is an artist, designer, filmmaker. He was born, raised and lives in Amsterdam where he also obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts & Design at the Rietveld Academy. His themes and methodologies are rooted in play, danger, experimentation and embracing the unknown. By intuitively deconstructing and reconstructing, he builds parallel realities of imagination. Sangiorgio creates because he likes to explore the possibilities of materialising his own imagination. His motto is: Curiosity feeds the monkey.