Er is een liedje dat je moeder vroeger voor je zong

Lucie van Collem (NL)

This spatial video installation is about nostalgia for childhood, longing for safety and security, and the inevitability of growing up.In the installation, video works and set pieces come together, here they ie create a dreamy fantasy world. Animal characters play the leading role in the video works. They depict adult figures who are lost and disappointed in their lives, or struggling to take root in society.

Lucie van Collem likes to work with different media and materials, such as film, installation, miniature and absurdist (animal) costumes. She brings these elements together to create dreamy fantasy worlds within which she can tell stories through worldbuilding and storytelling.The stories she tells reflect her inner world and are mostly personal. Lucie is currently mostly inspired by nostalgia and the safety of the past, but also by the fears that come with growing older in this society. These themes are all reflected in her most recent installation: ‘There is a song your mother used to sing to you’ her graduation work for the Image and Media Technology course where Lucie obtained her Bachelor of Arts in 2023.