Bodies inside each other

Jazmin Rojas Forero (CO)

In the high mountains of Colombia lives the frailejón, a plant that captures moisture from the fog through its leaves and then liberates the water through its roots. Bodies inside each other is an installation that explores the interconnected relationship between the frailejón and its environment. A glass piece, inspired in the interior of the plant, contains ice and through a process of condensation transforms the atmospheric humidity into drips of water collected in a ceramic vessel shaped after the stem of the plant. I conceived the sculpture as a body for the atmosphere to manifest itself.

Jazmin Rojas Forero (1995, Colombia) is an artist and filmmaker. In her work she intertwines fiction, science, non-human perspectives and her personal experience to create sensuous and immersive poetic gestures. Through her installations and films, she seeks to rethink and restore our relationship between humans and non-humans, as well as embrace non-western knowledge. After studying fine arts at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, she is completing her master’s degree at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM). She has been awarded the III Salón de Arte Joven Award; XVII Salón Regional de Artistas; Postgraduate Studies in Media Arts (DAAD), Germany. Her work has been exhibited at Temporary Gallery, Manifesta 14, KunstWerk, Interference International Light Art Project, International Image Fest in Colombia among others.