LUNA GOES FILM | Binnentuin Boekhandel Van der Velde

All night the audience can get warm around a fire pit, while a variety of short films made by film makers from the North of the Netherlands and all over the world are presented on a big screen.

17:00 The Big Black Ball
17:30 NNW: videoart in een dag
18.30 The Big Black Ball
19.00 Jingliu – Deirde Welmoed Breider
19:05 Buenos Aires – Deirde Welmoed Breider
19:10 Zalost – Zivot – Zelja – Jovana Stulic
19:25 NNW: Waddenfilms
19:40 Sisters – Daphne Lucker
20:00 Draw your gun – Wouter Jansen
20:25 NNW: vier clips uit de Heimat
20:45 TENT Academy Awards
22:00 Horsin’ Around Animations from Ars Independent Katowice
23:00 The Big Black Ball (23 and 24 november)

The Big Black Ball
In September 2000, the Dutch artist Yvonne Dröge-Wendel walked the streets and alleys of Leeuwarden with a massive black ball of 3 meters diameter, made of felt. The Big Black Ball was part of  the very first project of artists’ initiative VHDG that ever since has played an important role in contemporary arts in the North of the Netherlands. The film we present at LUNA is a registration of encounters of the ball with various people and locations of the city. It takes us back to our city in the year 2000. Join the visual walk and see how everything has changed.

New Noardic Wave
Joined by film platform New Noardic Wave we will present a compilation of short impressions of the Wadden and a selection of artistic shorts and clips from the North. Including a compilation of short films that were made on that day.

JINGLIUDeirdre Welmoed Breider
A poetic film by the Frisian Deirdre Welmoed Breider about a Chinese girl who grew up in Friesland: Jingliu Poelstra. Last year Jingliu was part of the team of the Media Art Festival, unfortunately she has to miss the adventure together with us this year because she is back to her roots in China. The black-and-white images of Jingliu now, and images of her youth, are supported with a poem recited by herself.

Buenos Aires- Deirdre Welmoed Breider
This other film by Deirdre Welmoed Breider is about a girl who lives in the busy world of today. Coincidentally something comes on her path that affects her, and she goes out to find it. The work is a film adaptation of the poem ‘Buenos Aires’ by the Frisian poet Rixt (1887 – 1979).

Zalost – Zivot – Zelja – Jovana Stulic
The four short films by Jovana Stulic show the search for a place that until now only exists in thoughts. She was born in the Netherlands but is originally from Serbia. Growing up in different cultures forms a melancholy view of the past, which is an essential part of her work. The various videos provide a serene image, in which diverse elements from Jovana’s life come together

Sisters – Daphne Lucker
Sisters of Daphne Lucker dance movie is about the loving connections between three sisters in a problem family. They are at the mercy of each other and survive as long as they are together. Is their loving connection strong enough to survive their environment?

Draw your gun – Wouter Jansen
The new western by Wouter Jansen is about an artist who can draw well. He puts a guy, whom he dislikes, on a Wanted poster and makes a reward of 150 dollars for whoever kills him. A chain reaction of violence and fraud arises. The film recently won the first prize for the best short film at the Almeria western film festival in Spain.

NNW: four clips from the Heimat:

The Dance of Mister Vitus – Louis Oetelmans
The Dance of Mister Vitus
is a movie about St. Vitus and the Vitusdnce made by visual artist Louis Oetelmans. It is not a film adaptation of the legend, but of images about this theme. The video works by Louis Oetelmans look like moving paintings through the combination of film and drawings, movement and stills. The artist is currently working with sounddesigner Wander Kars.

Shoutai – Tika Leinenga
Shoutai is Japanese for invitation. Tika Leinenga uses  handcraft to spread the beauty of Japanese culture. The symbol on the cape she made for the movie is the family weapon that she herself designed in a Japanese way. A simple form and a practical design are typical of Japanese costume. In the video, modern, old, Japanese and western influences mix into a stimulating image.

I’m too sad to tell you – Tim Zweistra
Tim Zweistra made a video clip for the band BlackboxRed from Leeuwarden, in which two people engage in a physical battle with each other and natural elements. The song I’m too sad to tell you is part of their newest album “Salt In My Eyes”.

Light Pain – Wouter Klinkenberg
Wouter Klinkenberg, born in Drenthe, is a film director and is currently studying film at the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. Film is the closest medium to music he thinks, and in his projects he always looks for the musical power of the medium of film. This short stopmotion film by Wouter Klinkenberg in which he uses light is a perfect match for LUNA!

TENT Academy Awards
TENT Gallery from Rotterdam selects the best art films by graduates of Dutch academies each year. We get to present them at LUNA!
Praewa Bink Bulthaweenan, Michelle Ermens, and Natalia Papaeva are this year’s winners at the annual competition for the best graduation videos, films, shorts, and animations. Natalia Papaeva won the 2018 TENT Academy Award for the best graduation video work selected from Dutch art academies.
Praewa Bink Bulthaweenan won the Best Foreign Film Award, the prize for the best graduation video by a young artist from this year’s host country, Great Britain. The Public’s Choice Award went to an animation by Michelle Ermens.

Horsin’ Around
A selection of comical shorts from all over the world, presented by our friends of Ars Independent Katowice.
The eight short films that were shown during the Ars Independent Festival 2018 provide a bit of light in times of daily crises and global meltdowns.

Location: Binnentuin Boekhandel Van der Velde | Nieuwestad 57 – 59
November 22 5 p.m. till 11 p.m.
November 23 and 24 5 p.m. till 11 p.m.