Geert van der Velde (NL) | SOMNIUM

Somnium, ‘dream’ in Latin, is an experimental and audio visual experience that pulls out all the stops to create a a totally immersive musical experience. As soon as you enter the inflatable room, you enter a surreal world of sound, modern dance, and colorful, dreamy visuals.

Inspired by writers such as Murakami and Borges as well as science fiction films, singer, composer and musician Geert van der Velde, also known as the singer of The Black Atlantic, brings you the vagaries of the subconscious.

Location: Snekertrekweg 1 |(Somnium will take place at the location of the Media Art Festival, which also shows media art from young Dutch and international talents. Admission for MAF is €5,-).
Thursday 22.11 – 7.30 and 10 P.M.
Friday 23.11 – 7.30 and 10 P.M.
Saturday 24.11 – 4 P.M, 7.30 P.M. and 10 P.M.