Jan Philip Scheibe (DE)

Shouldered Street Light

A man, dressed in a black suit, carries a street lantern on his left shoulder, in his right hand he carries a 800 W powergenerator. The generator supplies the street lantern. If the load becomes too heavy the man stops, raises the street lantern and pauses.

Jan Philip Scheibe makes installations and performances in public, urban space and in the open landscape. His interventions in diverse locations – from metropolis to village square, from mudflats to Icelandic mountains, and from forest to meadows – make the hidden visible with light and often unusual materials and focus on unseen and undervalued spaces and cultural and social practices.

For example, he uses shower curtains, a street lamp or glass jars as materials. Jan Philip also connects unconnected places, objects and people things through verbal confrontations or the lighting of everyday objects.

(c) Martin Häming