Madelief van de Beek

Fuck. I think I’m doing feminism wrong

“fuck. I think I’m doing feminism wrong” is a lively, humorous take on navigating feminism in 2020. Feminism is neither simple nor easy. It is simultaneously a movement, a method, and a hope; and it varies radically across intersecting points of view. While these changing dynamics are crucial, they also generate a challenging array of positions. In this context, Madelief van de Beek celebrates a personal journey through feminism. Produced during the Covid-19 lockdown, the result is a candid, autobiographical reflection that touches on self-esteem, loneliness, and reproductive rights. No, feminism isn’t easy —but it can still be joyful.

With a background in theatre and writing, Madelief creates inter- and multidisciplinary visual artwork and music. She graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy, Fine Arts, with a minor in Critical Studies in 2020.