Theme Night 2: Why Change?

Dinsdag 14 FEBRUARI 19.30 uur

Conserving media art
Tech is so breakable, art made from tech even more so. How can we keep things stable when our art is under constant attack of cosmic rays, mishandling and obsolescence of our materials? What strategies are used to ensure the endurance of technology-based artworks? Who is forgotten, and why? Who made it into the collections, and who made it into history?
When thinking about conservation, you might think about keeping objects from changing. Preventing decay. But when conserving media art, change can be a beneficial thing. Materials change, contexts change, and the public does. The challenge is to find out which parts of the artwork should be conserved, and which elements can be replaced.

For this night we partner with LIMA. Sanneke Huisman, the curator at LIMA, will present the complete conservation process of an artwork as it is done at LIMA. LIMA is a centre of expertise in the fields of preservation, research, and distribution of media art and is based in Amsterdam.

Partner: LIMA

All theme nights are held in English.

Workshop: Writing for Wikipedia
Tuesday 14th February, 15:00 hrs

By participating in the LIMA Writing for Wikipedia workshop, you can make a valuable contribution to the visibility of media artists and their works. LIMA’s goal is to have five hundred media artists added to Wikipedia by the end of 2023. The workshop is both for beginners and experienced writers. You choose a media artist who inspires you and then work on an existing article or write your own Wikipedia entry. The workshop is held in English, but you can choose your preferred language to write in. You can sign up for free via