Theme Night 3: What Changed?

Woensdag 15 FEBRUARI 19.30 uur

Video games and nostalgia
Our past and lived experiences constitute an integral part of our identities, representing a lens through which we interpret the world that surrounds us. For this reason, we are drawn to hold dearly onto our past and cherish our memories. However, there is a wider plethora of feelings that our past can elicit in us, such as anger, denial, sadness, and nostalgia. Nostalgia in particular represents one of the persisting feelings that ties us to the past, reminding us of our connection to shared cultural values. In this theme night, we explore how video games and nostalgia interact and influence each other. How are video games used today to bring forth change, to look back, and to reflect on current feelings. Which role does nostalgia play in this relationship? How does nostalgia influence our cultural appreciation? What does nostalgia mean?

The theme night will begin with a workshop realised by students of dr. Theo Lap of the University of Groningen, followed by a panel discussion with Tim Laning from Grendel Games and prof. dr. Barendt van Heusden from the University of Groningen.

Partners: University of Groningen, Grendel Games.

All theme nights are held in English.