Artist in Space 2020

ARTIST IN SPACE 2020: Growing up in Public / Part 2

Image: Marchje Andringa

Media Art Friesland selected the up-and-coming northern artist Jildau Nijboer for the second episode of Artist in Space: a personalized coaching program that rethinks public art through the media. With the support of the Media Art Friesland team, coaches and an international network, DE Jildau created an exciting new artwork for LUNA 2021.

Her project Framework is based on an open, collaborative process of artistic research. We all watch, Jildau observes; but what do we actually see? What draws our attention? From 20 to 25 October, the artist worked on location in the language pavilion Obe in Leeuwarden. There she collected fragments of the observation, from and with the local public. Now, in search of the tipping point between figuration and abstraction, Jildau organizes and reinterprets these moments using different media. A layered cartography of Leeuwarden and its inhabitants is created. At a time when we are all more dependent on home, Jildau explores the windows between public and private space.

Jildau (1994), originally from Leeuwarden, graduated from the Minerva Academy and is now pursuing a master’s degree in Painting at the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen.

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Images (c) Tom Meixner

Artist in Space 2020 is the second edition of an experimental talent development project, developed by Media Art Friesland and made possible thanks to We the North, the Mondriaan Fonds, de Noordenaars and Keunstwurk.