SATURDAY 10 february, 15.00

From the profound psychological and tangible impact of light upon our lives, to its role in illuminating social and political dimensions, we now arrive at the culmination of our journey – the final theme night. Light is all of this, but it is also the canvas upon which we paint our dreams and aspirations, casting a vivid tapestry of imagination and possibility for the future. Unleashing all the frameworks, knowledge, and options of the previous nights, on this final day we encourage dreaming and projecting utopian conceptions of the future, allowing a multi-faceted array of perspectives and provocative visions of the future to lead the afternoon. 

The Turbine Plays, a transdisciplinary project, will lead this last theme night by initiating a conversation that intertwines the search for an intimate relationship with the wind turbine and its surroundings, with the concept of a multidimensional space. The relationship between humans and the wind is deeply intertwined with how we understand, interact, and respond to our environment. Professor Kristin Bergaust from OsloMet University is also invited to provide further insights into the complicated, precious relationship between natural environments, wind turbines, and people.

Partners: Turbine Plays, Kristin Bergaust

All Theme Nights are held in English.